Improve liquidity.

Let's face it strong cash flow is essential to running a successful profitable business.

Credit control is one of those tasks that most people want to avoid doing or at least put off until the end of the day! 

If you struggle with credit control there are a number of tasks I can help you with that will improve performance in a very short space of time.

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Cash - we all need it!

Having overdue invoices costs your business money and could impact your ability to pay suppliers, wages or even invest for growth. If you struggle with getting your customers to pay to terms then consider outsourcing your credit control. We focus on making sure that you get paid to terms whilst adhering to credit control best practices at all times.  Our professional approach ensures that our contact with your customer doesn't jeopardise the relationship you have built up.

There are many advantages to consider with outsourced credit control. 

  • Cash flow - Get paid sooner and improve your cash flow

  • Save you time -Regain the time to focus on your core business activity

  • Cost saving - Avoid the costs associated with recruiting, training, managing and retaining employees

  • Experience - Peace of mind that your credit control is in the hands of experts.

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Adding Value

Client onboarding

This is simply the process of welcoming a new customer to your business. Get this right and your customer will feel confident they made the right  choice when selecting you as a supplier or service provider. A poor client onboarding experience will have them questioning the professionalism of your business and ultimately they might leave.

I can help you get this right so you start impressing your customers from day one.

Collection policy

Do you have one? When do you start chasing for payment? How do you deal with disputes? When do you stop supply?

If your company doesn't have a clear collections policy how do you expect your credit team to function to the best of their abilities. 

I can help you devise a policy from client inception to legal action.

Help with reporting

Most companies just concentrate on debtor days or balances outstanding. But what about the risk they are carrying? How do you report this? I can help create simple reports that help measure and give visibility of risk.


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